Approved CE Courses

Intrepid Real Estate Education currently offers the following CE courses approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

  • Alternative Financing: How to Use Seller-Financing Techniques to Close More Deals (Course Code: 71781) 3.0 CE Hours. This CE course discusses the benefits of seller-financing and how to use little-known seller-financing techniques (wrap-around mortgages, purchase money notes, and “subject-to” mortgages) to close more deals.
  • Educational Marketing for Agents: Attract New Clients & Expand Your Network through Teaching Others (Course Code: 71822) 3.0 CE Hours. This CE course offers an alternative to cold calls, junk mail, door-knocking, flyers, etc. by using educational marketing techniques to attract new clients and expanding your networking through teaching others. Today, there are many platforms to educate prospects and bring them in to your network.
  • Georgia Corporations & Land Trusts for Agents: Protect Your Assets, Business, & Privacy in a Litigious World (Course Code: 71888) 3.0 CE Hours. Real estate licensees are held to a higher standard of business conduct in all real estate transactions. In the course of doing business and going about their personal lives, every real estate licensee will eventually face the possibility of encountering an angry, litigious person. When that happens, litigious parties will often look for someone to blame or sue. In this course, students will learn about Georgia corporations, LLC’s, and land trusts so they can better protect their business, assets, and privacy.
  • Georgia Landlord Tenant Law (Part 1): Before Signing, Before a Tenant Moves In (Course Code: 71876) 3.0 CE Hours. This CE course provides an overview of Georgia Landlord Tenant Law. Part 1 covers Georgia Landlord Tenant Law matters before a residential lease has been signed, before a tenant has moved into the property, and lease initiation.
  • Georgia Landlord Tenant Law (Part 2): After Signing, After a Tenant Moves In (Course Code: 71877) 3.0 CE Hours. This CE course provides an overview of Georgia Landlord Tenant Law. Part 2 covers Georgia Landlord Tenant Law matters after a residential lease has been signed, after a tenant has moved in, and lease termination. It is recommended that students take Part 1 before taking Part 2.
  • Georgia Probate for Agents: Helping Clients Handle Real Estate Assets in Probate (Course Code: 71889) 3.0 CE Hours. Regardless of economy, circumstance, or socioeconomic background, death is inevitable. Real estate agents will deal with clients who will handle real estate assets of a deceased individual and their estate. After this course, real estate agents will be able to have higher-quality conversations with clients facing probate-related and death-related situations.
  • Georgia Real Estate License Law Review (Course Code: 71703) 3.0 CE Hours. GREC requires all real estate licensees to take 3.0 hours of real estate license law once every four years as part of their license renewal requirements. This CE course satisfies that license law requirement.
  • Georgia Tax Appeals for Real Estate Agents (Course Code: 71782) 3.0 CE Hours. Agents have all the tools necessary to win tax appeals for themselves and their clients. Learn how Georgia tax appeals work and win them. Apply this knowledge to create ongoing dialog with prior, current, and prospective clients.
  • The Language of Investors: Become a Trusted Advisor to Long-Term Investors (Course Code: 71878) 3.0 CE Hours. Long-term investors have very different priorities than real estate agents and brokers. Their investments and investment decisions are deeply personal. These investors are always evaluating and making decisions in the context of how it affects their overall life, their current financial position, and larger financial goals. This course is for agents who want to improve the quality of conversations and develop a better rapport with long-term investors.
  • Lease-Options for Agents & Property Managers: A Profitable Alternative to Traditional Rentals (Course Code: 71821) 3.0 CE Hours. Traditional rentals are commonplace and everyone knows how it works and its downsides. Lease-options are rare in the marketplace and there is little competition. Learn how lease-options work and how it can be used as a profitable alternative to traditional rentals and separate yourself from others in the marketplace.
  • Publishing for Agents & Brokers: Jumpstart Your Credibility & Reputation by Becoming a Real Estate Author (Course Code: 71828) 3.0 CE Hours. An important factor for success for any successful real estate agent or real estate broker is their ability to generate credibility and inform prospective clients that they are experts in the real estate industry. Real estate agents and brokers are well positioned as licensees to become real estate experts in their niche or local area. Today, anyone with determination and a strong desire can become a published author and reach a worldwide market. Learn how to set yourself apart from others by becoming a published real estate author through the Amazon publishing platform.
  • Scouting & Evaluating Investment Properties: How to Find & Match the Right Properties to Different Investors (Course Code: 71890) 3.0 CE Hours. It is known that working with investors and investment property is primarily about the numbers and financial performance. However, before any acquisition of any property can occur, real estate agents must learn how to find, scout, inspect, and screen out candidates of investment property and match them to the right investors.
  • Understanding & Working with Investors (Course Code: 71704) 3.0 CE Hours. Investors are different animals in the marketplace and have vastly different priorities than homeowners. Additionally, within the investor community, there are types of investors. Learn the different types of investors in the marketplace and each type behaves and operates.
  • Video Marketing for Agents: How to Use Video to Attract and Inspire Prospects to Like, Trust, and Hire You (Course Code: 71847) 3.0 CE Hours. In this age of widespread high-speed Internet, free YouTube, and affordable smartphones. video marketing is more accessible than ever before. Consumers are seeking and consuming more video content than ever before. Agents and Firms who use and adopt video marketing strategies jump to the front of the line with prospects and clients. Learn how to use video marketing strategies to inspire prospects like, trust, and hire you.
  • Inspect, Evaluate, & Screen Investment Properties for Investor Clients (Field Trip) (Awaiting Approval)
  • Facebook 101 for Agents: How to Get Started with Facebook Marketing (Awaiting Approval)
  • LinkedIn 101 for Agents: How to Get Started with LinkedIn Marketing (Awaiting Approval)
  • Instagram 101 for Agents: How to Get Started with Instagram Marketing (Awaiting Approval)

We are currently designing, researching, and writing new, cutting-edge CE classes to add to our Active Course List.