Video Marketing for Agents: How to Use Video to Educate and Inspire Prospects to Like, Trust, and Hire You


Course Code: 71847 (3.0 CE Credit Hours)

25 years ago, the Internet began as a novelty for businesses and consumers. However, from the beginning, forward-thinking entrepreneurs and businesses adopted and actively pursued Internet strategies. As Internet access expanded and Internet broadband becomes ubiquitous, the insatiable demand by consumers for higher-quality content such as video increases. The barriers of entry for both consumers and entrepreneurs to Internet video technology have been eliminated.  It is now a matter of choice to engage in videos and video marketing.

In the real estate industry, email and Internet access were once optional items. As the Internet has grown and expanded, they are now required to work in the real estate business. Although websites and web presence are not required, they are commonly expected from any legitimate business. A business website or web presence has become today’s “business” card for many real estate agents.

Because Internet broadband is now available to the general public through their phones or home computers, nearly everyone has the ability to create and view videos. Video hosting, through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms is free to anyone who chooses to use and participate. Although a video presence is not currently required, as more real estate agents and firms adopt video marketing strategies, it will eventually be expected by consumers.

Today, agents and firms who use and adopt video marketing strategies jump to the front of the line with prospects and clients. Video marketing is much more than putting up listing videos, neighborhood videos, farming videos, pet videos, hobby videos, or 60-second Internet ads. It is about educating, empowering, and inspiring prospects to like and trust you so that they want to hire you. It is about showing up on video with prospects in an authentic way.

If you want to adopt video marketing, all agents must “learn the lingo of video”. This course will teach you how to “jump to the front of the line” on video marketing.

☑️ This course has been approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.