Scouting & Evaluating Investment Properties: How to Find & Match the Right Properties to Different Investors


Course Code: 71890 (3.0 CE Hours)

It is common knowledge that working with investors and investment property is primarily about the numbers and financial performance. However, before any acquisition of any investment property can occur, investors or their agents must learn how to find, scout, inspect, and screen out potential candidates of investment property and match them to the right investors.

While agents are not professional property inspectors, agents generally have easy information access (through their MLS) and physical access to most properties for sale in the marketplace. With the right tools and knowledge, they can cut through the noise of what are truly important criteria for investment property.

To bring value to their clients, agents should learn what important items to target, consider, look for, research, and screen on behalf of investor clients.
The numbers of people interested in real estate investing is considerable. From homeowners who want to dip their toes into the world of real estate investing to experienced, long-time investors, agents have a wide opportunity to help find their investor and investment property niche.

This course will teach students about the investor food chain, investor tiers, and what properties and criteria they look for. Students will learn how to find, scout, inspect, and screen investment property candidates for their investor clients.

☑️ This course has been approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.