Georgia Tax Appeals for Real Estate Agents


Course Code: 71782 (3.0 CE Hours)

Each year, property tax notice assessments are sent out each year to all property owners. These notices give property owners the opportunity to review assessed values which are then used to generate property tax bills. However, most assessments are often incorrect or too high because they are never challenged. Excessive property taxes are frequently levied and paid. Unfortunately, most property owners are too intimidated, confused, or overwhelmed by the idea of appealing their property taxes. They incorrectly think that appealing their taxes is difficult, time-consuming, or expensive.

The fact of the matter is that it is actually a much simpler process than most people realize, if you know how it works! Real estate agents, in particular, have a tremendous advantage in winning tax appeals for themselves and their clients because of their access to their MLS and other resources. It is a great opportunity to generate new leads and open dialog with both prospective and prior clients.

All property owners want lower property taxes. By learning and understanding the tax appeal process, real estate agents will be well-positioned to generate new leads and connect with clients year after year.

☑️ This course is approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.