Alternative Financing: How to Use Seller-Financing Techniques to Close More Deals


Course Code: 71781 (3.0 CE Hours)

In most traditional real estate transactions represented by real estate agents, buyers and sellers are highly reliant on buyers being mortgage-qualified to close a deal. And if buyers are not mortgage-qualified or do not have all-cash, both the buyer and seller lose the opportunity to close the deal. Sellers will incur a larger holding cost by waiting and motivated buyers are deprived the opportunity to buy.

What many sellers and agents don’t know is that many buyers are often willing to pay MORE than full price to sellers willing to offer seller-financing (aka owner-financing). And there are tax benefits for particular sellers who sell with seller-financing. Seller-financing techniques (including wrap-around mortgages, purchase money notes, and “subject to” mortgages) are covered lightly in prelicense courses. This CE course goes into much more depth.

In the real world, there are very practical applications but agents and principals should learn the meat-and-potatoes of how and when to use these valuable techniques. Investors, business owners, homeowners, and agents frequently have access to resources to buy property but are hindered or stymied by mortgage-underwriting guidelines. Learn how seller-financing techniques can be used to close more deals and buy more deals bypassing the traditional mortgage process.

☑️ This course has been approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.