Understanding & Working with Investors


Course Code: 71704 (3.0 CE Hours)

Both agents and investors play important roles in the real estate marketplace.  Investors often purchase properties that homeowners will not. Investors will buy, sell, flip, renovate, rehab, and lease properties that few homeowners will touch. Investors go into unusual areas that homeowners will not. Investors transact unusually and creatively in the marketplace. Investors often act and behave differently than real estate agents. Quite simply, investors are different animals.

Investors and the investor community remain a mystery to most agents. Many agents know the potential benefits of working with investors. However, many agents often are unsure where or how to start. Agents need to understand the investor’s mindset, objectives, goals, and priorities. Agents should learn to engage, guide, and earn the trust of investors.

Learn more about the different types of investors and how they communicate, think, invest, and do business.

☑️ This course has been approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.