The Language of Investors: Become a Trusted Advisor to Long-Term Investors


Course Code: 71878 (3.0 CE Hours)

Long-term investors have very different priorities than real estate agents and brokers. Although many investors are business-minded, their investments and investment decisions are deeply personal. Long-term Investors are always evaluating and making decisions in the context of how it affects their overall life, their current financial position, and larger financial goals. Every real estate transaction an investor makes is considered in the larger context of their current financial position and financial goals.

Although discussions about income and return on investment are important, most experienced, long-term investors simultaneously consider other factors not always disclosed. Long-term investors are frequently concerned about their personal financial statements, how their investment decisions will impact those financial statements, and possible tax consequences. Long-term investors desire advisors that can speak their language in various areas such as: financing and real estate investment strategies.

The goal is not to replace a mortgage expert or tax expert. The goal is to learn to become a trusted advisor in which investors can open up to you to have deeper, higher-quality conversations. Through these higher-quality conversations, you can have clients and friends “for life”.

This course is for agents and brokers who want to improve the quality of conversations and develop a better rapport with long-term investors.

☑️ This course has been approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.