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Fair Housing Case Studies & Lawsuits: Don’t Make the Same Mistakes They Made

Course Code: 75176 (3.0 CE Hours)

Fair Housing continues to be an urgent issue today whether you are an agent helping clients buy and sell properties or a property manager leasing properties to tenants.

In this special Fair Housing class, students will be reviewing numerous current Fair Housing case studies, lawsuits, and court cases. Students will learn the circumstances of why these Fair Housing lawsuits occurred and review the rulings and outcomes of these cases.

There is always a story behind Fair Housing violations. When students learn the real-life stories behind case studies and lawsuits, they will be better equipped to recognize and be proactive when they encounter potential Fair Housing issues in their normal course of business.

There is no need for agents and property managers to make the same Fair Housing mistakes others have made.

☑️ This course has been approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.