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Tax Freeze (Book)

TAX FREEZE: How to File & Win Property Tax Appeals in Georgia!

Tax Freeze book
Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year on your GA property tax!
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Every year, hundreds of thousands of assessment notices are sent to property owners throughout Georgia. Every year, these notices are ignored by most unsuspecting property owners.

Property owners overpay property taxes by hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars each year. This happens because of large flaws of the mass appraisal system.

Even for the hearty few who know about property tax appeals, little “streetwise” information is provided by local governments. Reliable “how-to” information is difficult to understand and hard to find. At long last, there is now a book that rips the curtain away! This book explains how property tax appeals in Georgia work and how you can use the process to YOUR advantage.

In Georgia, not only can property owners get reductions in property taxes but they can also “freeze” their property values for three tax years! However, the only way to get this is to go through the tax appeal process.

This book is packed with real-world information, personal insights, tactics, and strategies you will not find published anywhere. It is based on the author’s real-world, hands-on experiences, interviews, and research. Save lots of money. Take control and stop overpaying property taxes!


In this information-packed book you will learn the following:

  • What the annual notice of assessment (PT-306) is
  • How to get your assessment notice if you don’t have it
  • How to fill out the Georgia tax appeal form (PT-311-A)
  • Who to choose as agent for your tax appeal
  • How to write a letter of authorization (LOA)
  • The best time to submit your tax appeal
  • Evidence you need for your tax appeal
  • How to determine fair market value (FMV)
  • How to evaluate & inspect your own property
  • How to take good photos for your property tax appeal
  • How to respond to a revised notice of assessment (PT-306C)
  • How to write a continuation Letter
  • What you need to know about Georgia’s “property tax freeze” statute
  • What you need to know about BOE hearings
  • How to respond to a BOE hearing Letter
  • What Happens in a BOE hearing & how to prepare for it
  • How to settle your tax appeal
  • The best time to settle your tax appeal
  • When you should appeal to superior court
  • How to appeal to superior court
  • How to prepare for a settlement conference
  • What to expect from a settlement conference
  • How tax assessor offices will pressure and manipulate you
  • Who to complain to if you are treated badly or unfairly
  • And much more…

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