Educational Marketing for Agents: Attract New Clients & Expand Your Network through Teaching Others


Course Code: 71822 (3.0 CE Credit Hours)

In today’s market, many prospective clients dislike, shun, and block receiving sales calls, flyers, ads, cold calls, robocalls, junk mail, and people knocking on their doors. Buying leads is expensive and is financially prohibitive to many agents.  While these techniques may work for some agents, there are modern alternatives to consider.

Educational marketing, used by businesses from nearly all industries, uses teaching as a method to attract new clients, contacts, and expanding your network.  Educational marketing is marketing through the education and teaching to your target audience. However, educational marketing isn’t always what most people think. Teaching in a classroom is only one way of teaching to expand your network. Through the use of free or inexpensive resources such as YouTube, Amazon, Google, Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, agents can reach, teach, and educate prospective clients in ways that could not be done a decade earlier.

There are numerous ways for agents to engage in educational marketing. Whether you are an outgoing, gregarious, social agent or you are quieter, more reserved, introverted agent, there are educational marketing strategies and techniques for everyone.

In this class, we will cover the various ways of engaging in educational marketing to attract new clients, new contacts, and expand your network. In an era where ads, commercials, robocalls, and unsolicited calls are actively blocked and avoided, adopting educational marketing techniques is more relevant than ever today.

☑️ This course has been approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.