Georgia Corporations & Land Trusts for Agents: Protect Your Assets, Business, & Privacy in a Litigious World


Course Code: 71888 (3.0 CE Hours)

Licensed real estate professionals are held to a higher standard of business conduct in all real estate transactions whether you, as an agent, are dealing with clients or you, as a principal, dealing with customers. In the course of doing business and going about their personal lives, every real estate professional will eventually face the possibility of encountering an angry, litigious person. When that happens, litigious parties will often look for someone to blame or sue.

Although, real estate agents and real estate firms often have insurance, it covers a narrow set of conditions. What if you are an agent or broker who owns investment property and something goes wrong? What if you get into an accident that exceeds insurance limits? What if you are an agent or broker who is being blamed for matters outside of their real estate practice? Or you were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time?

There are many situations and circumstances where agents and brokers can be vulnerable to blame and liability within and outside of their real estate practice. Besides insurance, there are other protective tools and strategies available to all real estate professionals. They come from understanding how legal entities work and how they can legally shield and insulate you from intrusive and litigious parties.

In this course, students will learn about Georgia corporations, LLC’s, and land trusts. Students will learn the vocabulary of corporate entities, how to form them, maintain them, and creative strategies to protect their business, their assets, and their privacy. Learn strategies that sophisticated real estate investors use to protect their assets and privacy.

☑️ This course has been approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.