Social Media CE Courses for Agents


Facebook 101 for Agents: How to Get Started with Facebook Marketing (Course Code: 71897, 3.0 CE Hours)

Facebook is the most popular social media platform that most people think of when the term “social media” is used. A personal Facebook profile/account is the starting point for many Facebook features such as Facebook Pages, Groups, Ads, Videos, Albums, and more.

Although many people today have at least a basic Facebook account, Facebook continues to innovate, add features, and evolve its platform. Facebook has expanded its platform to allow businesses and entrepreneurs to market and advertise.

This course is for social media beginners. Students will learn about Facebook and how to use its features to expand their personal and business network.


LinkedIn 101 for Agents: How to Get Started with LinkedIn Marketing (Course Code: 71898 (3.0 CE Hours)

LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for business-to-business connections. LinkedIn is more than an online resume platform. LinkedIn has been designed for business connections to expand your professional network. In recent years, LinkedIn has adopted and incorporated more features from its social media competitors than ever before and continues to add more features.

LinkedIn is a great place for employers, firms, business owners, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to connect with like-minded business professionals and business clients.

This course is for social media beginners. Students will learn how to used LinkedIn to expand their business network and online presence.

☑️ These courses have been approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.