Publishing for Agents & Brokers: Jumpstart Your Credibility & Reputation by Becoming a Real Estate Author


Course Code: 71828 (3.0 CE Credit Hours)

An important factor for success for any successful real estate agent or real estate broker is their ability to generate credibility and inform prospective clients that they are experts in the real estate industry.

Regardless of industry, business publishing and non-fiction publishing has been used the last 100 years to raise the profile and reputation of authors conveying to readers, their peers, and the general public that they are experts in the subjects they write about. People intentionally become published authors so that they add the title of “Author” to their bio and resume which opens doors to new opportunities. Many authors also become influencers, thought-leaders, teachers, and trainers in the subjects they write about.

However, it has only been the last 20 years that authors truly had the ability to freely self-publish. (Self-publishing is the ability for an author to publish what they choose and go directly to market without the approval of a traditional publishing firm.) In the last 20 years, through the spectacular rise of the Internet and Amazon, the barriers of entry to publishing have dropped tremendously. Financial and logistical barriers have practically been eliminated.

Today, anyone with an Internet connection, focus, determination, and a strong desire, can become a published author and reach a worldwide market by using the Amazon publishing and marketing platform. Real estate agents and brokers are well positioned as licensees to become real estate experts in their niche or local area. Real estate agents and brokers can set themselves apart from others by becoming a published author through the Amazon publishing platform.

This CE course will introduce and quickly immerse real estate agents and brokers into the enormous possibilities of publishing.

ā˜‘ļø This course has been approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.